Off-Shore Supply Chains have become Risky Business!

  • Sudden supply-chain interruptions resulting in severe inventory problems?
  • Unexpected delays resulting in a need to overlook quality drivers?
  • Your customers don't understand long term disruptions in supply-chains, they need solutions.
North American Forging Supply Chain
  • Recent events have shown there are significant downsides to an offshore supply-chain based strategy.

IMT Forge customers have the advantage of a Strong, Dependable supply chain. Our divisions are all Proudly Based in North America and, for the past century, have offered “Lower Total Cost” Forging Solutions:

Here are just 4 ways you can depend on IMT Forge.

North American Forging Supply Chain

Immediate Response

Changes in demand, not a problem, by keeping our supply chain in North America, you can depend on us to offer an Immediate response to your needs.

You also benefit from Smaller Inventory Requirements.

Shortened lead times lets you concentrate on current demand, as opposed to having to plan so far out with inventory levels. With a shorter lead time and customized stocking programs, you can respond to demand changes sooner!

Faster Fulfillment Times!

Shorter supply-chain / faster turnaround time. With faster lead times than the rest of the world (typically days vs. months) to get product in house, you do not have to carry so much inventory on hand – you can refill it quicker.

This lowers total inventory dollars you need to have on-hand - less overhead.

North American Forging Supply Chain

Overall time-weighted lower cost

Shipping product overseas from across the globe can become quite costly.

By only shipping within North America, you are saving on landed costs and will experience less logistics related time constraints.

Dependable Supply Chain & Higher Degree of Quality Management.

With all 3 of our business units centrally located in North America, we are able to monitor quality much easier and be on-site when necessary.

North American Forging Supply Chain

Supply Chains should be your armour, not your shackles.

Time to remove the weak links.

We can't wait to help you discover what IMT Forge can do for you in 2020 and beyond. Click Learn More to get started!