Harnessing energy is one of the toughest jobs imaginable requiring tools generated by the very best die forging process–the kind that only IMT Forge can deliver. But it requires even more. Whether miles out to sea on an oil platform, in a remote field of wind turbines, or in reservoirs of natural gas, IMT Forge has unparalleled experience in and around the energy industry. It’s the strongest asset we have to use in producing the most powerful tools in your toolbox. Whether you need a standard or custom forging, we know your job is hard–but the choice is easy. IMT Forge.


There is no margin for error when soaring at hundreds of miles per hour. So top aerospace firms–both public and private–rely on Clifford-Jacobs Forging to ensure their aircraft deliver dependable performance. Whether it’s a wing flap actuator or a transmission gear, the aerospace industry knows that IMT Forge employs only the highest-quality materials and engineers, and builds with the obsessive attention to detail that ensures excellence. To get top performance and reliability from your die forgings every time–because you know you have to–call IMT Forge.


IMT Forge sets the standard for world-class higher-volume forgings for the Automotive and Truck-Trailer industries. Precise and dependable for a wide variety of applications–from heavy-duty off-road applications to high-performance racing and all points in between–there is no better custom-forged product than an IMT Forging. If you’re currently using bar stock, our precise die forgings can reduce the total machine manufacturing time. Regardless of the specified material grade, the quantity required, the necessary delivery schedule, or the ultimate use, IMT Forge will exceed your expectations.


Creating forgings for the mining industry is about understanding the environment in which miners operate–the cold dampness and limited visibility that characterize conditions 10,000 feet underground. IMT Forge engineers its products so that operators grappling with conditions like that can make them perform. In mining, avoiding delays and downtime can make all the difference, and the powerful, dependable standard and custom steel forgings from Clifford-Jacobs give you the advantage you need. Next time, be precise about your forgings.


With so much on the line, defense contractors demand the assurance of the top quality materials and performance that only IMT Forge delivers. We have the capability to forge a wide variety of metals and alloys producing an array of defense products from aircraft to tanks to guided missiles. Using our state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing technologies–with a full range of inspection and testing equipment to ensure absolute reliability and accuracy – IMT Forge produces standard and custom forgings for some of the world’s largest defense contractors